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  •       Chad on the Issues
          When it comes to dealing with the many troublesome issues we
    are facing today, the most important thing to keep in mind is that, as a
    people, we have lost our way. When our country was founded, it was
    based on the belief, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, that
    life and liberty come from God. We upheld the value of each human
    life, because each person is precious in God’s eyes, and we understood
    that no one’s rights can be violated, because those rights come from
    God, and not from us.
          We upheld virtue, hard work, and sacrifice. Honesty and integrity
    were expected of our leaders in government, and we expected this of
    each other as well.
          Look at society today, however. Do we still uphold those same
    values in our society? Do we still expect the same things of our leaders
    in government, and of ourselves?
          The most obvious way in which we have fallen from our once-
    noble heights is seen in the eld of abortion. Today 4,000 children are
    aborted in the womb every single day, right here in America. We used
    to be an example of liberty and freedom to the whole world---a shining
    city on a hill, as Ronald Reagan described us. And yet today, where
    once there was life and hope, we see so much death and darkness.
          If I am elected to Congress I shall vote for protection for all
    human life, and leave none out. For if we are to recapture our legacy of
    liberty, we must not casually abandon an entire segment of humanity
    to the abortionist’s knife. Furthermore, we must not leave mothers
    alone without the support of the fathers. Therefore, under my bill,
    deadbeat dads will not be able to buy alcoholic beverages or packaged
    liquor until they pay up. Likewise, we can place restrictions on their
    driver’s licenses, so that they can only drive to and from work and
    keep medical appointments until they are no longer behind on child
           I need your help with this. I hope you are with me. Please
    vote for me so that we can make this come true for all the moms and
    infants across America who need us to step in and intervene on their 
    behalf right now, and so that we might be able to restore faith in our
    country once more.
          Respect for human life must not be limited to just our own
    shores. We must be good neighbors to those in other parts of the
    world, too.
          The war in Ukraine has restricted food shipments from two of the
    world’s largest grain exporters: Russia, and Ukraine. In fact, in some
    parts of Ukraine, the planting can’t even be done right now because
    the fighting is happening.
          Furthermore, the war has restricted shipments of fertilizer from
    each of those two countries. And much of the world depends on that
    fertilizer as well.
          Millions of people in Africa and other Third World areas face the
    prospect of famine and starvation later this year. These are people
    who bear absolutely no responsibility for the war in Ukraine one way or
    the other, yet they will be the ones who will su3er the heaviest injury
    of all. We ourselves may likewise face some food shortages here, and
    we can expect greatly increased grocery bills, in any event.
          What we need right now is a Truce of Mercy. We must
    immediately see if we can mediate a cease-re in Ukraine throughout
    the planting season, the growing season, and the harvest season, so
    that Russia and Ukraine can once again export grain and fertilizer. 
          We likewise must have a Congress which recognizes the need for
    this. We must have a Congress which will insist that President Biden
    uses all of our diplomatic and economic clout in order to get both sides
    to agree to a cease-fire, at least until the harvest is in later this year.
    Hopefully, this can then lead to the opportunity for clearer heads and
  • rational thinking to prevail, in the long run, as well
  •       Chad wants to ensure that Congress will obey the Constitution.  He wants to cut spending, from each cabinet department and agency by at least 3%, each year.  Since the federal government would need less money, the same bill would cut tax rates.  He'd like to abolish the Federal Reserve.

      Chad supports the 2nd Amendment.  He knows that law-abiding Americans can own guns to defend themselves.  He'll never vote for any gun control bills.

      Chad supports building the wall, along the Mexican border.  He says that ICE should try to arrest and deport all illegal aliens. 

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